Connecting browser (client) to a local C++ app through sockets

Hello, I’m fairly new to Meteor, please treat me as (really) novice.

The question is very simple. Is there a way to open a socket connection from the browser (with meteor app loaded) to a, say, C++ application running in the same local network?

I am reading about packages, I see for example, but as far as my understanding goes, this package helps the Meteor SERVER connect to other application. What I need is to connect the client to other application, because if I am to connect the Meteor server, I would probably be dealing with port forwarding issues, as the application I want to connect is probably going to be located in the same local network the client (web browser) is connecting from, and thus presumably be behind a NAT router.

The alternative might be programming those sockets in the web browser directly from Javascript, but as I said, I am fairly new to Meteor and don’t even know if that’s possible. I would thank any hint on this because I started with Meteor yesterday lol!

Thank you very much for reading!