Connecting collabora CODE to a meteor galaxy app. problems

I am trying to connect a meteor galaxy app, built with react, to a webserver that is serving the Collabora CODE on line editing software. when i do the post requests from Postman or other API testing sites i get a 200 response and the page sent back appears to be the correct page that i would expect. however when i do this using my site on galaxy where i am testing a webapp ( i get a code 400 response saying there is a bad request. i have gone thru the logs on my collabora server and it appears that the request from meteor galaxy is denied for some reason. i am wondering if this is becuase meteor galaxy seems to use either reverse proxy servers or load balancing servers and seems to have more than one fixed IP adress ( i did a reverse IP lookup seems to have 10 or more ipv4 addresses) and somehow this is causing the collabora software to reject the request. collabora does require a secure connection from the browser or it wont work right. any suggestions?