Connecting meteor web app with native Android app

Hi guys,
my team is building a meteor app for web/mobile usage. We have a native Android developer who is going to develop a native app for us. Is it difficult to connect native apps with an already running meteor app?

Any pointers what we should have a look at?

How about using DDP. I am using there are good DDP clients.
Issue is with the user login part when there is OAuth service. Then you may need to do more stuff on your own.

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So the proper way to get this working with a native app would be to create APIs for reading/writing to the database?

Use this Library

  1. Create java Class model
  2. on Activity implemen MeteorCallback
  3. on public void onDataAdded(String collectionName, String documentID, String newValuesJson) { }
    Create Class from “newValuesJson” use GSON for that
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