Connecting to with MongoVue

Hey, I also posted this question to stackoverflow but didn’t get an answer.

I am having problems connecting via MongoVUE to the deployed version of my app at

app at

I can connect to the db just fine using the console. The console also tells me the server db:

The error I get from mongoVue is the following:

Unable to connect to a member of the replica set matching the read preference

For username / password I used my meteor developer info

Here is a screenshot of my mongoVue input:

Help is very much appreciated
Hoping someone on here uses mongoVue to connect to the db


Those credentials are only valid for a short time (used to be 1 minute).

Is it possible that it simply expired by the time you filled out all of the details?

Hey, thanks for the reply

Ya I tried this several times, also the error does not seem to be pointing to authentication.
Are you running mongoVUE?

No, but you seem to be correct about it not being directly related to the time limit.

From looking at the instructions on the MongoVUE website, it seems that it has a special “replica set” mode.

My guess is that since you specified the server RUI with the port, it automatically switched to this mode.

Ok I was able to fix it…Was a credential issue after all.

Thanks for your help!

Would you mind explaining what it was that fixed this issue for you? I’m running into this same problem, and can’t figure out what it is.

Hey sorry for replying so late.

I actually did it with robomongo but just tried it in mongoVue and it works too…

Here are the steps:

  1. Go into your CMD , navigate to your app and type: meteor mongo -U

  2. You might be asked for credentials, these will be your meteor developer account credentials

  3. You are now given a string starting with client-username:password@server:port/my_app_name

  4. In your mongoVue you use the “client-username” part as Username, the “password” part as password, the “server” as server and the “port” as port. Lastly use you “my_app_name” as Databases

  5. You should now be good to go. There might be a time limit, not sure how long, I always did it under 1 minute.


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No worries. Fortunately I was able to figure it out myself not much later, but forgot about posting here. Your instructions are spot on.

“meteor mongo --url” returns that same string with the necessary username and password.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time to respond.