Connecting to monogdb with string using MUP

I’m trying to connect my app to MongoDB using MONGO_URL: in MUP. The database is on an independent VPS. The VPS is behind a firewall and is connected to the app VPS via a private network. If I don’t secure the database with a username and password I can get it to connect however if I create a user to allow readWrite commands to add security it wont connect. I get this error.

MongoError: failed to connect to server [private-network-ip:27017]

If I log into the database and use show dbs this is what appears:

admin         0.000GB
myspecial_db  0.000GB
local         0.000GB

I’m trying to access the myspecial_db.

MONGO_URL: mongodb://username:password@private-network-ip:27017/myspecial_db

What am I missing here?

Not too much info to go on but if I had to guess I’d say mongo was not accesable on the public ip OR the user/password combination does not have appropriate access privileges for the database you are trying to connect to. You may have to specify the authentication database in the url

No, if authorization fails you get a different error message.

Sorry. It turns out it was due to my firewall and private network setup.

Hi all, Now I have the same problem.
I would like to connect monogdb on digigtalocean (Mup) from local other apps

MONGO_URL: mongodb://dbusername:dbuserpassword@private-network-ip:27017/myspecial_db meteor

Get the same error