Consistent frustration when searching for Meteor documentation

As a developer, I am often searching for documentation of Meteor core features. Many times, I will follow links that have either been deprecated or simply end up rendering the top level documentation (despite having a specific section ID). This means I have to search a second time within the documentation, when the initial link or search result should have pointed me directly to the relevant section.

I have opened an issue on the Meteor issue tracker. My apologies if the issue is misguided, but this seems largely related to the use of a navigation frame (or similar method).

You should try
Once installed in your browser, it’s the fastest way to search (installed) documentation, imho.


Thanks for sharing, this is really cool, i’ve just replaced about 5 pinned tabs with the one! I don’t know how they could do this programatically, must be some sort of custom crawler for each Docs site. Too bad it’s missing MongoDB docs…

@vjau: That is awesome! :smile:

Wow, thanks!! Never heard of that before!

I use all the time, and it is fantastic. Meteor’s docs are okay, but the toggle for “full documentation” and simple documentation is a pain.

One thing that you may have missed on - just start typing what you are looking for… Like template or something. Filters the docs down.


Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

You could also have a look at

It has search functionallity, is available offline and auto-updates docsets. Available for Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac. Looking at I found that it doesn’t has Jade whereas zeal/dash provides the Jade docset as well :slight_smile: