Constantly Repeating Server Request

I’m hosting a Meteor app on Heroku. A couple of days ago I started to get a request from the same IP address over and over and over. Sometimes it’s a POST and sometimes a GET.

  1. I do have a user with that IP Address but I have logged her out on all devices.
  2. I have restarted the App.
  3. I have scoured recently pushed code - nothing seems amiss.
  4. I have contacted Heroku - they pointed me to Comcast (their IP Address).
  5. I have contacted Comcast - they referred me back to Heroku.

Any advice would be welcome.

If it’s a school or business it could be a malicious user at the same IP address. If it isn’t, IP addresses are often dynamically assigned to physical devices, so it’s possible that a different device from your user is issuing these requests.

Do they look malicious in nature and/or are they consuming a lot of resources?

Check your proxy cache (e.g. nginx cache). Let meteor handle the cache headers and not the proxy. Error in this can result for the app to constantly reload when a new version of your app is released. Although it may not cover the issue of changing GET and POST requests


Does this require more than adding mdg’s appcache package?

How/where do you deploy?

I host on Heroku and use a pipeline to deploy via Github.

Just to bring this to a bit of a close. It’s seems the issue I’m having is specifically with users on Windows. At this point I only have a couple of Windows users so they may have something else in common that is actually the problem. If they log out (doesn’t seem to work for me to log them out remotely) the issue clears up. For the most part it only seems to affect their experience.