Contact with the MDG to discuss whether meteor is a good fit or not

We’re on the brink of rewriting our product and are looking at Meteor as an option to use but have some things that worries us.

Is there a way to contact the company behind Meteor to talk about such potential issues (stuff like file generation, multiple environments in the same app and a lot more)?

Since this is business critical stuff I would like to have a discussion privately to see whether Meteor actually is a good fit or not. And maybe get some structural thoughts based on what we’re trying to achieve.

Best regards
Jonas Erlandsson

Have a look at

While I do not work for MDG, I’ve previously consulted with several individuals/companies in your position and would be happy to help you understand how meteor fits your needs. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss further,

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Do you have time for a brief IRC session for a quick chat to see if we can use your expertice?

Sure thing. Just send me the details.

I can vouch for @natestrauser! We’ve consulted him on several occasions, and he’s made some invaluable contributions to our project. Would hire again.

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