Continous integration

What are the tools that you use for your CI/CD in your meteor apps and how do you properly check if the projects builds successfully and is there a way to set up auto deploy using a custom script to like Digital Ocean or Azure?

I appreciate the help

I use bitbucket, when committing my code to my it triggers Jenkins build via web hooks.
It runs a meteor build command and later create docker image and push it to private registry.

On prod server, I’m using docker project called watchtower, to monitor changes on private registry and pull / run latest images.

It took me a little while to set things up, figure out how let’s encrypt works with wild card domains.

It would have probably been easier with other solutions, but at the same time it doesn’t cost me much.

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Using gitlab runner. We deploy with a simple git push to the deploy branch

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We use bitbucket pipelines, just to run tests and validate pull requests.
Deploys are still manual

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At work we use have private GitHub repos and use GitHub actions but also mainly for testing, lint-checking, coverage etc. while deploying is still “manual” (using mup) because we have usually update intervals of 1 week. For my private repos I mainly use travis-ci.

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This describes more testing than CI/CD but maybe it helps you:

and another link with a bit outdated content but very well explained: