Contributing to meteor open source packages

Hi community,

I’ve been thinking of contributing to meteor’s open source packages in my free time.

Are there any packages that are missing features or need helping with bug fixes? I’m trying to contribute to those packages.

I’m no way super experienced in development but trying to learn and contribute to the packages. If not me, some other devs reading this thread might help with those features/fixes.

Please post links to github repos/issues which needs bit of love :slight_smile:


You might want to check the Meteor Community Packages out.


Thanks for the offer!

Beyond Meteor Community Packages you can always look up issues on Meteor’s repo and see if there’s a few things you might want to tackle:
A good place to start is the issues labelled “Pull requests encouraged”

If you’re interested in performance, the stylus compiler plugin could use some love:

And I’m sure there’s plenty more

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A lot of people would really love you if you would bring incremental compiling (Typescript 3.3) to the de-facto successor of the de-facto TypeScript compiler for Meteor: . We’ve done some serious performance improvements in the last months and barbatus has good caching in his predecessor we’re building on, but TypeScript incremental compilation would be the next level.

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