Contributing to the Meteor tutorials is overly complex!


First off all, you can’t view the tutorials without actually cloning the ‘tutorial-viewer’.

I’ve been trying to set up the Meteor tutorial viewer repository. I’ve added the git submodules (which add the tutorial repo’s) and then started Meteor. The first issue I faced was a fastly outdated Meteor version 1.5. After updating that, replacing the babel-runtime with @babel/runtime, every seemed to work.

After a quick look I saw that the whole thing was written in an older version of javascript (using vars etc) and I discovered that the way it imports the tutorials is also quite fague. The reference to the new vue section needs to be added on multiple locations and something in there seems to be generated: react.multi.patch?

I have not been able to add the vue section to it and got very very frustrated about it. Anyone with experience on how to get this thing to work?


I tried briefly once to contribute to the tutorials and didn’t get very far.

Considering there are several outstanding issues with the tutorials, it should really be easier for folks to set it up and help out