Convert reactive pages to static pages


I inherited a site that implemented all reactive pages even though they are mostly static in nature. This loads slow and there is really no need to have reactive refresh. This also causes problems with #anchor links. Bookmarking them loads the page but since the anchor is not rendered the browser stops there.

I’ve read what I can find in the guide but it assumes a much greater knowledge of Meteor than I have so the seemingly random mixture for client, both, server is confusing and doesn’t exactly fit my case where the entire page is written in Meteor but static in nature.

Being a Meteor noob I see the reason for and love the reactive stuff, when it’s needed. But for promotion landing pages and for static docs pages it is not. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for moving some pages to static/server side rendering? Is it as easy as moving them to the “server/” directory from “client/” (somehow I doubt it’s that easy)?


Any pointers here?

Just looking to convert some static pages from reactive to server generated for faster loads and no reactive overhead.