ConvertCalculator | Powerful Calculator Form Builder ⚒️

Hey everyone,

We’re back with another Meteor success story from our friends at ConvertCalculator! :tada:

It all started back in September 2017 when Joris de Ruiter was doing freelance programming work. A customer asked Joris to build a price quote calculator for their website. Joris did build it, but not as a standalone feature.

He developed a calculator form builder as a SaaS product instead and ConvertCalculator was born: a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop calculator form builder that seamlessly integrates with the most popular website builders.

ConvertCalculator has been building with Meteor for over 5 years and they are excited to improve and expand their product, grow their customer base and help more SMEs increase their online sales and overall conversions.

If you’re interested in learning more about their story, click HERE to read our blog post.

We can’t wait to see what Convert Calculator accomplishes in the near future!