Convincing others of Meteor?


Hey all. So lately I have been having some trouble convincing others why Meteor is a great choice for some internal web apps. The people I am trying to convince are coming from a heavy MVC background in Rails and others similar to it.

Those I am trying to convince don’t have a background in Javascript and therefore are worried about learning a new language, which seems to be the main barrier. I have mentioned that ES6/Babel are really starting to change JS for the better. I am just curious if anyone out there has had any success “converting” people over to the Meteor/JS way and how they did it.


If they have an hour to spare, you could do a lot worse than point them to Geoff Schmidt’s Javascript State of the Union presentation. His passion for Javascript is only surpassed by his passion for Meteor. If he can’t get them motivated I don’t know what will! :smile:


I might try walking them through some of the better open source projects. Maybe something like telescope, rocketchat, etc. I find these clear code bases and functionality good arguments and lightbulb switchers for meteor’s value prop.


+1 on that presentation


Ya. I’m a big fan of that presentation. I think that might be a good entry point before I point someone to a tutorial / some code base built with Meteor.