Cool PWA Service

I found this awesome PWA service:

You add a line of code to your <head> section and this service does everything to make your app a PWA. And that’s free. Their business model is to charge a subscription fee if you want reports on how many people install your app and so on.

It’s the best PWA experience I’ve found so far. Highly recommended because figuring out how to make your app a PWA can be a lot of work.

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Sounds great, but there are caveats. Remember, this is primarily a service, not (just) a toolbox or technology. What if your app gets installed as a PWA on countless devices of your customers using their service, and one day this company gets shut down?

That’s a very good point. I think there is tech available to update a service worker when it changes. If so I could just install a new service worker. From this page:

Fortunately, there is a programmatic way for the waiting Service Worker (the one that we received and installed as the newly updated controller of our app) to take over control over the existing clients. We can call self.skipWaiting() from within the new Service Worker – it immediately stops the previously active Service Worker and activates the new one, so that all the currently opened windows will be served by the new one.

I can check with the founder to ask if he has this tech in place in case of service worker updates.