Copenhagen Hackathon tomorrow (saturday)


We will host our first Meteor Hackathon tomorrow in central Copenhagen. The event has been on Meetup for weeks now - but in case someone has not seen it there and is around Copenhagen you are very welcome to join.

We will provide a Meteor package with Danish company data from “Danmarks Centrale VirksomhedsRegister (CVR)”. Then you will have plenty of data to play with from within Meteor.

Best regards,
Morten & Lars


It’s going to be cool Lars :smile:

I think I’ll create a general debug plugin for Meteor and chrome devtools for starters - that enables packages to interact with the devtools in an easy manner. It’s original an idea for the CollectionFS project - but having it on eg. the ddp package to debug ddp messages / live-data to track down subscriptions or the ground db package to debug offline caching could be potential too - we need more tooling

But let’s see what I can get done in 10 hours - have to help newcomers and give a quick intro to Meteor.

See you guys tomorrow!