Cordova 12 to support Android 13

Hi all,

Anyone has any experience with getting cordova-plugin-camera@7.0.0 or cordova-plugin-media-capture@5.0.0 to work on the latest Meteor version?

I can install cordova-plugin-camera, build & run on Android device but it can’t find ‘’ (undefined) at runtime.

At the moment Camera usage is broken on Android if building on TargetSDK 33 with an earlier version of the plugin because of the new permission system and updating the plugin doesn’t seem to work as described above.

Now I see that the plugin requires cordova-android >=12.0.0, which is not the case for the Meteor bundled version of cordova-android. Interesting that I’m able to build with it, but I’ve seen weirder stuff when working with Cordova over the years.

Same holds for cordova-plugin-media-capture at recently released 5.0.0 which is also around Android 13 support.

Saw a PR 12785 around updating. How can we help?
It’s quite an urgent one for anyone using either of the abovementioned plugins in existing apps and needing to update beyond 1st of November (extension deadline), or anyone trying to release a new app since 31st of August.


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If anyone is reading this and looking for a solution to use cordova-android 12.0 you can follow the following approach.

to clone meteor locally. I set it up to use an alias ‘mymeteor’.

Then merge in PR 12785 to your local meteor.

Run/Build your app using this local checkout. It can run perfectly fine against a release build meteor application running. Also HCP seems to be working fine. Will perform some more tests over the coming days and report possible issues here.

Hey @grubba can you help us merge this PR?

The mentioned PR is stuck but I believe it is just because of CircleCI problems. cc @matheusccastro

We’re going to take a look at this ASAP.


@grubba @denyhs Were you guys able to take a look on this PR? Would be good to merge this ASAP and maybe we could release a patch version for 2.13? The extension period from google is nearing it’s end I think, so this will affect much more people that use meteor with cordova.

Just to give an update here, @grubba and the devops team are working to fix this. @grubba just gave an update in the PR.