Cordova Android 12 / Android 14

Hello! Does anybody know, if cordova-android-12 will be added to Meteor soon? We need to update our App and Google sets up API Dependancies: Target API level requirements for Google Play apps - Play Console Help

You can use the current cordova to set target version as 33. Currently I am doing it as the deadline is 31st Aug

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Can you point us to how to do that?

@sebastianspiller watch this PR closely: Update Cordova deps to latest by StorytellerCZ · Pull Request #12518 · meteor/meteor · GitHub
I will try to push it, but I currently don’t have any Cordova projects so it is not a priority for me.

App.setPreference(‘android-targetSdkVersion’, ‘33’);
App.setPreference(‘android-minSdkVersion’, ‘30’);