Cordova Android error after upgrading to 1.3

I just finished upgrading my Meteor app and things are looking OK on the browser. I’m trying to run the app on mobile using:

meteor run android-device

(which was running smoothly before the update) and I’m getting this weird error:

Errors executing Cordova commands:

While adding platform Android to Cordova project:
Error validating package name. Package name must look like:
at validatePackageName

Here’s the section of my mobile-config.js file:{
id: ‘’,
name: ‘backpack’,
description: ‘Backpacking with style’,
author: ‘Itai Bar-Sinai’,
email: ‘’,
version: ‘0.0.4’

I have no idea what causes this… Looking online it seems that my “id” field should be OK, no?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

P.S., I have removed the android platform and now I get this error message already when trying to re-add the platform.

OK. Found the issue. I cannot use “-” in the app id.