Cordova android platform version upgrade to 10.0.0?


It seems cordova has released version 10 of it’s Android platform specifically made for targetSDK=30 (which seems to have quite a few changes).

When building our current App with targetSdk 30, the camera just fails to work : Camera permission fails after changing targetsdk version 29->30

So we’re trying again by upgrading the newest camera plugin but it complains that our Android platform is still 9.0.0 (even if cordova is now @10.0.0 since Meteor 2.2)

And because starting in November, Google will only accept apps that target SDK 30. So we won’t be able to upgrade our app on the app store unless that works. We’ll have to rely solely on HCP.

1-Does the new version has to come from a new Meteor release ? If so, is this something planned ?

2-Can it be forced manually ?



as for #2, I’m trying to see where meteor selects android platform @9.0.0 and I see no reference anywhere in .meteor or in ~/.meteor

Any idea where to look ?



Nobody has ever had to change that ? Or it just usually fine ?



Hi @burni13
As for your question, we are planning a release with cordova-android@10 really soon. For sure before November.
Let’s keep talking about this in this issue:


Thanks a lot! I’ll follow that!
That seems non-trivial as said in the tracker !