Cordova + Apollo

Hi, I was wondering if anyone got MeteorJS + Apollo (GraphQL) + Cordova working on a build? I tried it a few times and it wouldn’t work, the app would just build load on the phone and hang at the spashscreen, but when I remove the Apollo Client portion, it would load right away. I even whitelisted all URL’s in my mobile-config.js file. I just want to know if its supposed to work or not.
#Cordova #apollo

Hi @khaledbenk, I am not using meteor, but I am encountering the same problem with Apollo client. I am building a video game with Phaser and React, and use GraphQL to make API requests on MongoDB Realm. It works well using a browser but since I am building either an Electron or Cordova app, Apollo client is not defined.
I implemented a wrapper that use cordova-plugin-advanced-http, found in this article: How to Set Up an Apollo GraphQL Client to Use a Native HTTP Client in an Ionic/React App | by William Kwao | Better Programming

After some attempts I am still stuck with Cordova + Apollo. This initial post has 3 years old, but maybe someone has some experience in this topic.