Cordova app on iOS use cached material

My iOS app have suddenly started to use cached versions of the webpage it wraps. I have added all the meta tags etecetra, but they were not there from the beginning.

Is there a way of forcing the app, programatically from the meteor webpage, to drop its caches?

I have these meta tags (now)

    <meta name="version" content="1.2.24">
    <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" />

Also: Might be related, might not, but that project have started to give me this message on startup:

W20240107-18:28:45.435(1)? (STDERR) Unable to resolve "false": temporary failure

I have no idea where that comes from…

Hi, your Cordova app is basically a small JS server running a web app built at bundle time. Over time, some content (e.g. client JS files) may be updated with an HCP without having to republish a new app.

My understanding:

  • you have original web pages running from the app internal “server”
  • might have web pages which render newer versions acquired via HCP.

What exactly do you feel is cached by the IOS app? Old versions of the published app? Images?

Everything, the app is as it was when first published years ago and reason I discovered it was that people seemed to have different versions. Further investigation revealed that at some point, Hot Code Push has stopped working and people are stuck with whatever they used at that time. Fresh from App Store shows the very first webpages that it wraps, pages no longer existing.

When I removed and re-added the iOS platform, meteor remove/add-platform ios, thar process threw a lot of errors that tells me nothing:

While adding platform iOS to Cordova project:
   TypeError [ERR_INVALID_URL] [ERR_INVALID_URL]: Invalid URL: http

followed by stacktrace inside Cordova. Which URL? I have nothing in my project with http…

I have always deployed serverOnly, but I guess the Cordova components have stopped working at some time, but never given me an error until I re-added it.