[Cordova] App stuck on splash or blank screens, "Error: Can't find variable: HTML" and "no domrange"


Anyone else with similar, sometimes-but-often-enough-to-be-trouble-for-users cases of Meteor Cordova apps stuck on launch?


We’re having the very same “white screen of death” problem on cordova apps.

I’ve analyzed everything, trimmed down packages and routes, but found that the problem is very intermittent. With the app with only one route, no subscriptions and no packages but the “core” ones, it doesn’t get stuck on the white screen however, after adding packages, sometimes it stucks there BUT, I just need to minimize the app and open it again that the route is rendered.

I’m trying to reproduce this issue on a minimum project, but I’ve got no luck until now.


Yeah i’ve found this to be really sporadic too. Ever since switching to FlowRouter though has fixed this a bit. I also make sure to wait on NO subscriptions.


I’ll test FlowRouter! By the way, tweaking with some packages, I’m having bad luck with meteorhacks:inject-initial and both ground:db and raix:push, which depends on raix:stubfence. All these packages seem like to increase the number of white screens of death.


I use Amazon SNS for doing push stuff. I don’t use ground:db as that hasn’t worked for me on mobile yet.


And how do you integrate it with Meteor/Cordova? Is there a nice and clean package?