Cordova: Best way to cache uploaded files like images/videos?


In my Cordova app, the users may upload lots of images and/or videos. They should all be stored on the server eventually, but for performance reasons, I need latency compensation. So I am looking for a solution that can “shadow” my media files locally in the mobile app, just like minimongo does. I’ve tried CollectionFS with GridFS, but ran into problems. As far as I can tell from the existing issues, CollectionFS doesn’t really support Cordova so far. Cordova’s File plugin might be an option, yet I’d prefer a solution where I don’t have to implement all of that latency compensation / caching stuff myself, if there is any available. Thanks in advance for any hints to existing solutions.


Did you find a solution in the end?


It would not be very hard to first store the video on the device: and then afterwards (or even parallel if you have a stream) upload it. I don’t think you could fully have a ready to go package as implementation will vary quite a bit between different apps.


No, I did not find a solution to this. Currently, I am only uploading avatar images. For this use-case, I am loading them directly into a browser canvas, let the user manipulate them (select a rectangle of their uploaded image), and then upload the result to AWS S3 via Slingshot.