Cordova doesn't get submodule of a hash-referenced github plugin?


I forked cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp. I changed a file, pushed it to my fork, and switched my cordova build to use my fork instead of the local file system version of the plugin.

The build now fails because it isn’t getting the GCDWebServer submodule when it does the build. I tried forking that, too, it didn’t work. I’m not changing the submodule and it is initialized and present in my local repo fork of webapp.

=> Errors executing Cordova commands:

While adding plugin to Cordova
Uh oh!

not found!

Anyone have an idea why meteor isn’t pulling down the submodule when doing the build?


Hi! I have same issue. Have you found a solution for this?


@mslobodan Never heard a word about it. I forgot I even posted this, just found it while looking for something else.


Oh, I did work around it though – I just copied the GCDWebServer repo folder as needed into my project’s folder at the proper place.


Yeah, I figure it out as well. Anyway, I think Cordova should fix this, they should fetch git submodules as well.
This issue is present only in hash-referenced github plugins.