Cordova Error after Meteor 1.6 upgrade


After upgrading to Meteor 1.6 i get the following error when running meteor run ios-device

=> Errors executing Cordova commands:                                              
   While preparing Cordova project for platform iOS:                               
   TypeError: cordovaProject.projectConfig.getFileResources is not a function      
   at updateFileResources (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/lib/prepare.js:465:48)
   at /Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/lib/prepare.js:65:13
   at _fulfilled (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:854:54)
   at self.promiseDispatch.done (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:883:30)
   at Promise.promise.promiseDispatch (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:816:13)
   at /Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:570:49
   at runSingle (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:137:13)
   at flush (/Users/Nauzer/Documents/DevShed/caught/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:125:13)
   at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:131:7)
   at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:180:9)

Anyone that has seen this before?


Are you still getting this? I am getting this since upgrading to 1.6 also :frowning:


Yep… didn’t solve it so I sticked with 1.5.x for now… :frowning:


Thanks mate… well i’m still investigating so i’ll reply if I ever solve it.


Wasn’t getting this on 1.6, but it’s come up after upgrading to the patch release. Had to downgrade to 1.6 - meteor update --release 1.6.


Did anybody solve this bug? Or has any idea about the reasons why this is suddenly appearing? is working like a charm but since 1.6.x the shell is throwing this error.


Did you open a Github issue for this? If so, could you please link to it here.

We are building/running fine using meteor run ios-device with Meteor using Xcode 9.1, but it sounds like it would be helpful to get to the bottom of your issue for others as well.

Between updates you make want to do a meteor reset or at least manually delete .meteor/cordova-build/. Also, you may want to reinstall Meteor iOS after updating.

$ meteor remove-platform ios && meteor add-platform ios


Haven’t been able to further look into this yet. But meteor reset & remove + add platform is standard procedure with me due to some build error experiences in the past :wink:

I’ll give it another shot soon and report back to here + Github