Cordova first launch with blank screen

I have an issue building a cordova app driving me nuts…
I am building my project using meteor build --server --debug and then try to run both ios.
On the first launch I get a blank screen, but if I debug the webview and refresh it, it does work as expected and connects to my server.
If I run directly on the devices with meteor run android-device --mobile-server it would work without any issue.
I need to publish the mobile apps without the debug option, but then I cannot debug / “refresh” the webview and get stuck on the first load white screen error.
Any ideas ?

Weird, never happened to me. And the web version works just fine? Any errors in the console?

I managed to track it down to a package that was missing a configuration parameter only available in production env. I got lucky to find the problem since I didn’t have chance to see the logs (reloading to fast in my cordova dev), anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile: