Cordova HCP "Download Failure"

Hoping someone can shed some insight here…

Newly getting going with Cordova and boy-oh-boy has it been a steep learning curve. The most-frustrating thing is that every time I tweak my code I need to restart meteor from scratch. This just doesn’t seem right, and on further investigation, it appears that my app is trying to update but failing.

I launch my app as follows:
meteor run android-device --settings settings.json --mobile-server

Everything works smoothly until I tweak my code and Cordova attempts to refresh.

Here’s the error:

chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(36)] "No pending version to switch to", source: http://localhost:12760/plugins/cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp/www/webapp_local_server.js (36)
MeteorWebApp: Download failure
MeteorWebApp: com.meteor.webapp.WebAppException: Non-success status code 404 for asset: /
MeteorWebApp:       at com.meteor.webapp.AssetBundleDownloader.verifyResponse(
MeteorWebApp:       at com.meteor.webapp.AssetBundleDownloader$1.onResponse(
MeteorWebApp:       at okhttp3.RealCall$AsyncCall.execute(
MeteorWebApp:       at
MeteorWebApp:       at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
MeteorWebApp:       at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
MeteorWebApp:       at

Only clue I’ve been able to find is this issue, which points to React Router SSR as a culprit. I don’t use that, but I do use meteor/ostrio:flow-router-extra and react-mounter.

Am I missing something really basic with my setup here? Getting HCP to work for Cordova development would make this a whole lot less frustrating.

Anyone seen this before and able to recommend a fix? Still a bit stumped.