Cordova iOS build provides no log of the build?

I’m trying to add a cordova build hook to my project. I’ve had no trouble with android, but with iOS, it won’t work. In fact, I realize I’m not getting any output at all from ‘meteor build’ for the iOS build – the entire console output appears to be about the Android build. My hook script also doesn’t generate any logging with its echos. Anyone have an idea how you can see log info that would be generated by a cordova iOS build?

Update: by running ‘meteor build’ with the --verbose option, I was able to see some iOS activity, including a mention that no after-prepare cordova hooks were found. I switched my hook script to be on after-prepare, and it did get called, but it’s too early in the build process, so the script failed. Interestingly, that after-prepare notice is pretty much the last line of logging. No later hooks (like after-build or after-compile, for example) have an equivalent notice in the logging, and my script does not run when hooked to those hooks. So there’s def something odd going on. I’m wondering if it’s got anything to do with Meteor, or if it’s really just a Cordova issue, but I’m hoping somebody who has hooked iOS Cordova builds in Meteor will have some knowledge here.


I’ve asked this question on SO and included the iOS-less console output: