Cordova (ios) doesn't work for login; connecting to server?

I try to build my first cordova mobile app with meteor. But I do not understand the thing completly.

I’ve added the ios package and I build the app like this:

meteor build ../build --server localhost:3000

I can open and run the Xcode project successfully.

At the beginning the user can login (as on the webpage). Therefore I’m using


But after submitting the user data everything is stucked on the loginProcess.

	if authInProcess

		h1 Content

So just the loginProcess template is beeing displayed. On the webpage this element is just shown for a second, then the content is beeing shown.

I also tried to build the app with this (SSL):

meteor build ../build --server

But still not working. Maybe the app can’t connect to the server?? How can I check that? But if this would be the case, why do I see the start page with the login form?