Cordova iOS WebRTC Video/Audio Not Working

I am new to cordova and iOS. The application that I am working is a hybrid one.Our application uses Angular JS 1.5 and Bootstrap CSS 3.3.7. Now that we are almost done with our web part we were moving on to working on cordova android and iOS part.Our first priority was to convert it to an app with minimal effort. So we tried using the cordova hosted app method. Here we created a sample cordova app and gave our hosted url address, and its all working fine. The important point is that our application supports video/audio calling.This part is implemented using the Intel CS WebRTC v3.3 for Javascript. So while using our application as hosted app this section seems to be not working. Since I am not much of an expert in cordova and iOS, after some research I found Crosswalk. Tried adding crosswalk plugin with this cordova application, that also didn’t work out as well. Then we build a sample app from eface2face ( using cordova-plugin-iosrtc but couldn’t able to connect the app with the peer server.

Does this section needs a whole rework? Can anyone suggest how we can continue from this point on to cordova iOS and andorid apps. Please help me to find out a better iOS plugin that works fine with Intel CS WebRTC and also guide me to correct path.

Any help shall be appreciated. Thank You!