Cordova keyboard sometimes not showing on Android

I’m running a meteor 1.10.2 for a web/mobile (android+ios) app, using following cordova plugins:


The setup is pretty much default, using Iron router and Blaze for templates.

I have noticed a strange random bug where the keyboard doesn’t show up on Android (testing on Redmi 8 running Android 10), despite the webview being shrunk after focusing.

This is how it looks like:

I’m using the wkkeyboardfix plugin because of scrolling problems on older iOS devices, but I tested without it and it’s the same. It’s also not about events, sometimes autofocusing the input field causes same bug.

Here are my only mobile-config.js preferences:

App.setPreference("android-minSdkVersion", "24");
App.setPreference("android-targetSdkVersion", "29");

App.setPreference("AllowBackForwardNavigationGestures", false);
App.setPreference("HideKeyboardFormAccessoryBar", true);
//App.setPreference('KeyboardShrinksView', true); // caused weird "non-native-like" effects
App.setPreference("Orientation", "portrait");
App.setPreference("BackgroundColor", "0xffffffff");
App.setPreference("SplashMaintainAspectRatio", true, "android");

App.accessRule("*", {
  type: "navigation",

Do you have any ideas what can be causing this bug and how to fix it? I have been looking at adb logcat when this bug appears but found nothing interesting at all - no errors of any sort.
To my surprise setting the KeyboardShrinksView preference to false didn’t fix anything, same problem again.
I also don’t use any keyboard events anywhere in my code.

Also, as you can see I have the BackgroundColor preference set to white background, but on the screenshot you can see that the webview background is actually grey (the same effect when launching the app - before the launchscreen there is grey meteor default background for a glimpse of a second). Why doesn’t it work?

There is a possibility that this is a bug of the browser or the android flavor installed on the phone

I have confirmed that running on older Android 7 device, the problem doesn’t appear.

If that’s the reason, is there any way to fix this with some workaround?