Cordova loading issues - missing icons / files?


sometimes we have the following issue in our cordova app - it looks like the Icon file couldn’t be loaded. It is in our public folder, eg /public/func/our-icons.eot / ttf / woff .

To me it seems the issue appears most frequently after we updated an existing version with a newer version using testflight or the app store:



The squares / the big text represents a missing icon.

As I said, the icons are in the public folder and loaded like this using scss:

@font-face {
    font-family: "actionicons";
    src: url("/font/action-icons.eot?dnkaqr");
    src: url("/font/action-icons.eot?dnkaqr#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),
        url("/font/action-icons.ttf?dnkaqr") format("truetype"),
        url("/font/action-icons.woff?dnkaqr") format("woff"),
        url("/font/action-icons.svg?dnkaqr#icomoon") format("svg");
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

.actionicon-font {
    /* use !important to prevent issues with browser extensions that change fonts */
    font-family: "actionicons" !important;
    speak: none;
    font-style: normal;
    font-weight: normal;
    font-variant: normal;
    text-transform: none;
    line-height: 1;

    /* Better Font Rendering =========== */
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
    -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;

[class*=" actionicon-"] {
    @extend .actionicon-font;

/* camera */
.actionicon-camera:before {
    // Kamera.svg
    content: "\e902";
    color: #fff;

(Just so you can see how these are loaded).

Does anybody have a hunch what could be going on there? Maybe any ideas for a workaround / fix?