Cordova: local webserver dies on IOS after some time in the background

The cordova integration of meteor has been a big pain point for me and my team. We currently have two apps that uses a geolocation plugin (

Both suffer from the problem that they sometimes crash on resume with a “white-screen-of-death”, there is nothing in the log, it just seems that the local webserver crashed or stopped that meteor uses to deliver static assets from public folder:

I found out that we are not alone with that issue:

Several attemps have been done to fix this problem:

But no success so far. No one seems to really know what’s going on. :frowning:

That’s why i am asking you, dear meteor community:

  1. did someone release cordova app with meteor that uses geolocation and that runs reliably?
  2. does someone struggle with the same issues as we do?
  3. is there a good way to gather logs from ios devices? (both webview and native code), so that we can help to gather information about this issue? The issue is hard to reproduce while the iphone is attached to the computer. You have to use the app for some time to have this problem.

I appreciate any help on this topic :blush:

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I was using a forked meteor-webapp while I was using 1.7.1 I upgraded to 1.8.1 and it helps but I still get local host crashes, its been 3 years and this is still and issue.

I have posted up a new issue on this, on meteor-webapp