Cordova not loading


When I run meteor project in ios device, It’s not generating index and meteor_cordova_loader.js file. Because this in app I am getting Meteor.isCordova as a false and my cordova plugins are not working in ios app.

I am running app with following command.

meteor run ios-device --settings settings-production.json


Hey, I am having a similar issue. What did you figure out?


There is an plugin we have to install in xCode. I missed that step.


Thanks. I actually had a different problem. I had a redirect handler in my code that would redirect users to ROOT_URL if they were not using a ROOT_URL derived address. Apparently this redirect should not trigger when running in Cordova environment under iOS since it uses an internal proxy URL to make locally stored resources accessible.


how did you fixed it? i’m having the same issue :slightly_frowning_face: