Cordova plugin not working on meteor app


Im using Meteor and Cordova and i try to use GitHub - donaldp24/CanvasCameraPlugin: Phonegap CanvasCameraPlugin but have some issue.
The camera feed don’t display in canvas but i can take picture switch the camera use the flash option but is not displaying the camera feed.
I have setup also a standalone Cordova app using the plugin and is working.

I have attach the image one from meteor and one from Cordova.

Anyone have any idea why is working like this?


I don’t know anything about this specific plugin, but it is likely to be a compatibility issue with the Cordova and platform versions.

What version of Cordova are you running standalone?

I’m using version 5.3.3 as standalone. What version meteor use it?

We currently bundle 5.2.0.

Is any way to upgrade meteor Cordova version ?
I will also do a standalone app using the plugin with cordova 5.2.0

I got this one fixed was from the plugin.

Thanks for the help.