Cordova-plugin-purchase: How to use on Meteor?


Hey guys,

I am trying to find a working example on Meteor of this plugin, used to handle in-app purchases on iOS and Android. The documentation is complex and incomplete - leading to a lot of “wait, what?” moments.

Can anybody give me a hand with this? (maybe sharing some code…)




The quality of this plugin’s documentation is just unbelievably awful. Partial explanations, inconsistent examples, confusing logic. To make things worse, I have been unable to find someone who has managed to get this to work in more than a week of effort.


You’re probably better suited to implement this yourself. After all, the Cordova plugin will still require you to setup things on the server side.

You’d best use the route for Javascript on the client and Node.js on the server. My link’s “How it works” shows you that there’s a lot of communcation between all three parties - the plugin would only setup one side of that.