Cordova - problem with iOS devices icons configuration

I have got a little problem with deploying Meteor Cordova App to AppStore.

They reject my app, the reason - I got different app icons.
According MeteorDocs I specify list of icons in mobile-config.js file

  // iOS
  iphone: 'resources/icons/icon-60x60.png',
  iphone_2x: 'resources/icons/icon-60x60@2x.png',
  iphone_3x: 'resources/icons/icon-180x180.png',
  ipad: 'resources/icons/icon-76x76.png',
  ipad_2x: 'resources/icons/icon-76x76@2x.png',
  ipad_pro: 'resources/icons/icon-167x167.png',
  ios_settings: 'resources/icons/icon-29x29.png',
  ios_settings_2x: 'resources/icons/icon-58x58.png',
  ios_settings_3x: 'resources/icons/icon-87x87.png',
  ios_spotlight: 'resources/icons/icon-40x40.png',
  ios_spotlight_2x: 'resources/icons/icon-80x80.png',
  android_hdpi: 'resources/icons/icon-72x72-android.png',
  android_xhdpi: 'resources/icons/icon-96x96-android.png',
  android_xxhdpi: 'resources/icons/icon-144x144-android.png',

But after review i got error message.

Additionally, we noticed the app icon displayed on the device and the large icon displayed on the App Store do not sufficiently match, which makes it difficult for users to find the app they just downloaded.

According the reject message it is not enough Icon-72@2x.png (144x144 px) and Icon-Small-50@2x.png (100x100 px). Cordova set his logo instead of my icons.

In MeteorDocs there are no icons specified for ios devices with 144x144 and 100x100 size.

I try to specify icons in the header instead of the config file:

  <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="100x100" href="/resources/icons/icon-100x100.png">
  <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="144x144" href="/resources/icons/icon-144x144-android.png">

But I still got the same result.

Is anybody know the way to specify these icons in the mobile-config.js file or another way to resolve this problem?


Our solution was to go into XCode and manually delete those icons. They are for older device anyway.

Did you solve your problem? According to the Apple Developer Docs you don’t need 100x100 or 144x144 pixel icons and those icons are for iOS 6.1 or earlier anyway. Are you running latest Meteor v1.5?

There are also some changes to the file that defines these values cordova/builder.js that are coming in Meteor 1.5.1 with this pull request.

Same here. Can this be downported to 1.5 please?

Hi, just wanted to add a hint here towards cordova:meteor-ios-icon-fix@1.0.0 - See -

with this and by manually removing all meteor icons from the Images.xcassets from the Ressources folder in xcode it’s looking ok for me now, although I don’t know what I’m doing here exactly. But at least my push icon is back.

If there are any bad side effect I apologize in advance, if I’ll find any i’ll definitely add another note here too.

PS: Is there an up-to-date guide with best-practice for the icons with meteor + cordova at the moment?