Cordova qrcode scanner

Hi all,
Please I have a problem with Cordova qrcode scanner.
When I test my mobile app via Xcode, the scanner opens the camera and all works as according to my code logic. Once I upload to server (modulus) the only thing that works on button click is the alert message I use to test if the click is received on the logic. Then nothing else happens
Please I need help with is plugin, I have update and downgraded the plugin a lot of time still nothing helps.

When you say you uploaded the app to the server, are you still running the app from Xcode?

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1.I uploaded to server, after my app updated(hot code push) I checked it nothing happens.

  1. I check it on server while connected to Xcode but then it works.

Could you explain in more detail the steps you took and the results you got in each case?

Do you mean you run your app in Xcode, and it works, but when it connects to the server and does a hot code push, it stops working? Any console output, either in Xcode or through Safari remote debugging?

  1. installed meteor add cordova:com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner@4.0.2

  2. followed the steps as suppose too buy add the logic into meteor.startup()

  3. when i run the app via meteor run ios-device --mobile-server [local sever]

all works when on the iphone. i can scan and get result

but when i do

  1. modulus deploy —
    – then hot code push works as it should but when i try the scanner nothing happens.

When you say you deploy to Modulus, how do you start the app? Still in Xcode? Do you set --mobile-server to your remote server URL?

I use my production app, the app is already on the App Store.

The Hot code push updates the app as expected but It’s just the qrscanner that does nothing.

Ah, but that explains things! Because Cordova plugins include native code, and hot code push can only be used to update JavaScript, you will need to submit an update to the App Store if you make changes to the set of plugins. See this section of the mobile guide for more information.

What I don’t understand however, is why hot code push would work here in the first place, because in Meteor 1.3 we reject updates that change the set of plugins. Which version of Meteor was used to build the app that is now on the App Store?

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Meteor 1.2
I updated to 1.3 but the app got no hot code push so I had to use a copy of my old version. Will update to 1.3 and submit the app to the App Store.

Ah, that makes sense. Glad the mystery is solved!

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