Cordova version issue

I am getting this at the console: Error: Skipping downloading new version because the Cordova platform version or plugin versions have changed and are potentially incompatible(…)
And all I see on Android is the iron router error screen.
How do I check my cordova version? and how do I downgrade it?
I also tried to remove android and ios and added android again but it didn’t solve the problem.

Each Meteor version brings its own supported Cordova version, which makes it a “lucky punch” attempt to upgrade your app to newer Meter versions if you are using Cordova plugins that are not ready for the respective Cordova version yet. This is one of the main issues why my own app is still on 1.2…

Just installing a new Cordova version on your system wouldn’t help, since Meteor is tied to its own. You can read in the upgrade docs of the respective Meteor version which Cordova version was used.

To track down which plugin might be responsible for your errors, you can use meteor --verbose which shows a lot of debugging logs during startup. Maybe this helps to identify the culprit.