Cordova + Vue Error

I am using the 1.10-beta4 release to try and run a Vue application. And it will load and land on the Login page normally. I can navigate around the “guest” routes. But I cannot submit the login form successfully or the register form successfully.

The only thing I see in the console is

02-02 15:18:21.753 4377 4479 W MeteorWebApp: Asset / not found in bundle 08cbf325c67ac8412eb4201071671bbf9030be48:file:///android_asset/www/application, no parent bundle

over and over. Has anyone else seen this?

Is there anything that i need to do to use version 1.10?

this is also in the logs
%cHMR%c Dev server URL: %cundefined", source: http://localhost:12208/__cordova/packages/akryum_vue-component-dev-client.js?hash=3132a9c68dabab427fcadb6d3c8ba68e6ca4c6f9 (169)

I20200206-20:42:55.127(-6)? 02-06 20:42:54.865 6897 6897 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(170)] “%cIf you have issues connecting to the dev server, set the ‘HMR_URL’ env variable to the URL of the dev server displayed in the meteor console.”, source: http://localhost:12208/__cordova/packages/akryum_vue-component-dev-client.js?hash=3132a9c68dabab427fcadb6d3c8ba68e6ca4c6f9 (170)

So I tried adding NO_HMR=1 to my npm script that runs my app, but still no luck.

And this person has the same issue

Next Step is to set this environment variable HMR_URL to my local IP

then I tried setting NODE_ENV to production too, thinking it would disable HMR

I tried running meteor 1.8.3 as well just to see if I could get it to work.

Has anyone used Vue with Cordova before and had it working fine?