Cordova + Vue Error

I am using the 1.10-beta4 release to try and run a Vue application. And it will load and land on the Login page normally. I can navigate around the “guest” routes. But I cannot submit the login form successfully or the register form successfully.

The only thing I see in the console is

02-02 15:18:21.753 4377 4479 W MeteorWebApp: Asset / not found in bundle 08cbf325c67ac8412eb4201071671bbf9030be48:file:///android_asset/www/application, no parent bundle

over and over. Has anyone else seen this?

Is there anything that i need to do to use version 1.10?

this is also in the logs
%cHMR%c Dev server URL: %cundefined", source: http://localhost:12208/__cordova/packages/akryum_vue-component-dev-client.js?hash=3132a9c68dabab427fcadb6d3c8ba68e6ca4c6f9 (169)

I20200206-20:42:55.127(-6)? 02-06 20:42:54.865 6897 6897 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(170)] “%cIf you have issues connecting to the dev server, set the ‘HMR_URL’ env variable to the URL of the dev server displayed in the meteor console.”, source: http://localhost:12208/__cordova/packages/akryum_vue-component-dev-client.js?hash=3132a9c68dabab427fcadb6d3c8ba68e6ca4c6f9 (170)

So I tried adding NO_HMR=1 to my npm script that runs my app, but still no luck.

And this person has the same issue

Next Step is to set this environment variable HMR_URL to my local IP

then I tried setting NODE_ENV to production too, thinking it would disable HMR

I tried running meteor 1.8.3 as well just to see if I could get it to work.

Has anyone used Vue with Cordova before and had it working fine?

I’m seeing this in both 1.8 an 1.10. Anyone have recommendations for how to require in the bundle?

I will submit an issue in the repo and reach out for some assistance there

I created a new application using meteor create and then added the android platform. The error of missing from bundle started when I added akryum:vue-component from atmosphere. It’s a dependency of vue-component. I’ve tried adding via npm install, but it doesn’t work. Can anyone explain why atmosphere dependencies may not be satisfied by npm packages?

Please update this thread if you find a solution.

thanks for tracking that down, ill submit the issue to @akryum and see if he can fix it for us

I reported it here if you want to go “up vote it”

to me this has always seemed like a hot module reloading issue. I have tried using the the NO_HMR=1 env variable to disable that feature without any luck. maybe try running you app with the --production flag to see if that will disable that feature from running.