Cordova white page showing after splash screen before app load


The app will show white page after splash screen before load. I tried remove mobile-experience package, add fastclick and mobile-status-bar packages, I added cordova-plugin-splashscreen plugin, and set preference follow:

App.setPreference('SplashScreen', 'CDVSplashScreen');
App.setPreference('AutoHideSplashScreen', false);
App.setPreference('SplashScreenDelay', '30000');

I hide the splash screen in startup event callback:

Meteor.startup(() => {
    if (Meteor.isCordova) {

But these both don’t work, the white page still show ing after splash screen before app load.
Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance


Maybe try to navigator.splashscreen.hide after everything has rendered? What frontend framework are you using?


I use react.js. I found the splash screen don’t delay. I alse tried don’t use navigator.splashscreen.hide();, but it don’t work.


If you don’t splashscreen.hide() it doesn’t stay up till the delay? Weird. I would think calling componentDidMount in the top level component to hide the splashscreen would have done the trick…


Have you looked at the launch-screen package? Haven’t tested it but it’s used in the Meteor Guide example app