Cordova white page showing after splash screen before app load

The app will show white page after splash screen before load. I tried remove mobile-experience package, add fastclick and mobile-status-bar packages, I added cordova-plugin-splashscreen plugin, and set preference follow:

App.setPreference('SplashScreen', 'CDVSplashScreen');
App.setPreference('AutoHideSplashScreen', false);
App.setPreference('SplashScreenDelay', '30000');

I hide the splash screen in startup event callback:

Meteor.startup(() => {
    if (Meteor.isCordova) {

But these both don’t work, the white page still show ing after splash screen before app load.
Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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Maybe try to navigator.splashscreen.hide after everything has rendered? What frontend framework are you using?

I use react.js. I found the splash screen don’t delay. I alse tried don’t use navigator.splashscreen.hide();, but it don’t work.

If you don’t splashscreen.hide() it doesn’t stay up till the delay? Weird. I would think calling componentDidMount in the top level component to hide the splashscreen would have done the trick…

Have you looked at the launch-screen package? Haven’t tested it but it’s used in the Meteor Guide example app