Couldnt disable meteor Hot Code Push(HCP) feature

Is there a way to completely disable Hot Code Push(HCP) feature from my meteor-cordova app APK build?

I‘d also be interested too in any hint on this, for both iOS and Android. Tried to follow some guides in this forum using Reload._onMigrate() from this post here Disable hot code push on mobile and also tried removing several packages but it didn’t quite work.

Could also be interesting to exclude HCP as a possible cause for white screen of death on iOS as seen here: "White Screen of Death" in Cordova iOS

HCP is unrelated to the “White Screen of Death” issue (which I first posted about), as it happens when resuming the app even if nothing has been updated.

I’ve never thought about how to disable HCP but a quick-and-dirty solution that comes to mind is to set the Cordova Compatibility Version to a unique value with every build/deployment, by setting the proper env variables. For example, set it to the current Git SHA to ensure that each deployment is unique:

METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_ANDROID=$(git rev-parse HEAD) meteor build...

I can’t think of any side effects, other than users will have to update their apps through the store only, and you’ll have to ensure that your server’s API (methods and publications) are backwards compatible with old versions that may still be in the wild.

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I used this in a project in the past and worked fine:

Removed the hot code push package.

meteor remove hot-code-push


Thanks for both ideas. I‘ll try both options; I‘m just wondering whether or how browser clients will be affected.

That does not work for me:

➜ meteor remove hot-code-push
hot-code-push is not a direct dependency in this project.