Couldn't load from the manifest

My app hangs on launchscreen.

Here is the log on ios remote debug:

[Log] METEOR CORDOVA DEBUG (meteor_cordova_loader.js) Error reading version file Error: Failed to resolve entry: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/F973B54A-277A-4D19-8946-6011A1C8863B/Library/NoCloud/meteor/version (meteor_cordova_loader.js, line 12)

[Log] METEOR CORDOVA DEBUG (meteor_cordova_loader.js) Couldn’t load from the manifest, falling back to the bundled assets. (meteor_cordova_loader.js, line 12)

[Log] METEOR CORDOVA DEBUG (meteor_cordova_loader.js) Loading from url: http://meteor.local (meteor_cordova_loader.js, line 12)

Is this linked to a hot push issue?