Coverage.json config help - excludes property not working (code coverage)

Hi everyone - I’m having trouble getting my .coverage.json file set up to exclude a file when I run my test coverage reports.

I’m trying to exclude this file: ./imports/api/collections/accountsettings.js

Here is my .coverage.json file* (saved at project root):

Note * - The output property here is working.

I’ve tried other variations of this file too, including:

  1. “exclude” vs “excludes” property name

  2. Including a “general” sub-property in the exclude property - as suggested in this post

  3. Using the “ignore” property with “others” sub-property, as suggested in this post

  4. All of these filepaths (even though some would exclude the whole folder):


Can anybody see what I’m doing wrong here with my .coverage.json? I feel like it’s probably a simple syntax mistake…

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Bumping this to see if there’s anyone that can help!