COVID-19 - My Meteor app helping companies work from home

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that my Meteor-based Virtual In/Out Board website/app is helping my existing customers and many new customers as they adapt to working from home during the COVID-19 lock downs.

It’s helping staff know who is working at home, who is busy looking after kids, etc, including an up-to-date shared phone list. Some companies have even added status buttons showing the status of their various exchange and file servers so staff at home know the cause of their connectivity problems.

Happy to be doing my part.

Keep safe everyone, and I wish everyone in this fantastic community well through this crisis.

Best regards from New Zealand, where our country is in full lock down, except for essential workers (which includes me because my day-job is a Biomed Engineer at Christchurch Hospital - never been busier!).



saying home is good thing with the help of any companies.

This is a great opportunity, keep it up! At present, we need to take maximum care of our health and rebuild the workflow.

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I’m thinking about the state of people. Yes, some people work remotely, some get financial support, we have an affordable care act that will help us if necessary, but still there are people who do not have enough. I worked for the most part online before quarantine, and I have no problem with this, but some of my friends are just confused and waiting for it to end. Everyone is afraid not only of the virus itself, but also of its financial consequences for the economy.