Coygo | Crypto trading bots, data insights, & more πŸ“ˆ

Hey everyone,

We have a new case study featuring Coygo! :tada:

Coygo, built with Meteor in 2017, is a collection of tools to help cryptocurrency and digital asset traders automate their trading process using high-frequency crypto trading bots.

The team at Coygo has seen Meteor continuously evolve its priorities over the years and noticed that its benefits have also changed. Though there are now alternatives for simple, rapid prototyping and zero-config build tools, those services can’t match Meteor Cloud.

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CEO of Coygo here, thanks for the case study and shout out!


Congrats - look great!

I feel your pain with the Electron - I really hope MDG can offer official support there. I don’t think we’ve had many complaints for Meteor in recent years but this issue looks to be growing.