CPU spikes after upgrade Meteor to 1.10.2


I have strange behavior and want to ask about reasons and how to fix it. Probably it is not an issue at all.

After upgrade to Meteor 1.10.2 (from 1.8.1) I noticed that CPU picture looks like teeth of the saw on my Windows 10 computer:

So, before start of application all fine. But after start node.exe takes 16-20% of CPU every 4-5 seconds for pretty short period 1-2 seconds. Red graph - kernel mode CPU, green - sum of both kernel and user modes.

I made CPU profile and nothing there: in 120 seconds duration most long call - 335 ms. GC didn’t take time as well. I disabled all interval procedures in my code and removed all possible packages. Still same picture.

Rollback to Meteor 1.8.1 fixes problem. Behavior can be repeated by creation of application example - meteor create --full test_application. Spikes can be bit smaller but picture is same. Also I installed Meteor 1.10.2 from scratch on my Ubuntu 16.04.6 and created test application (meteor create --full test) - CPU spikes about 5-10% (I used pidstat for analysis) in same manner as on Windows machine - spike of kernel part (check file with results and pay attention to %system and %CPU columns).

So, what is it? Something in Node 12?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi everyone.

It happens the same to me after upgrading to Meteor 1.10.

Besides, I’m suffering a memory leak issue that ends by crashing the app with the error:
“FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory”.

Any thoughs about what is causing these problems?
Maybe Node v12.16?

Thanks in advance.