Crash running meteor, something to do with browser?

I’ve never had this problem before. I’m a newb trying to go through the simple-todos tutorial. I have both an old iOSX (10.14.6) and maybe an old version of chrome.

Cannot find module ‘/imports/api/taskMethods’

As a newb the first thing you’ll need to learn is how to read error messages or you’ll have a very hard time using computers. The error will always hold the answer, just look through the stack trace and go from there and use occam’s razor (process of elmination) it’s a logical mental game. I hope you figure it out!

Yes, of course I did look through the error messages. I didn’t catch the lower case “t” should have been capitalized in the calling module, or lower case in the file name… Thanks!

it’s the file name, not the method name. One file usually has multiple methods.

Well as long as things are consistent, I could have changed either

no problem, well done figuring it out!