Crater is now home to all types of news about Realtime web and mobile dev

I just posted about this over on Crater and wanted to share it here too. I am opening up Crater to cover more news than just Node/React/Meteor. I feel like we should all take a cue from @arunoda and start to learn about the world outside of our walled Meteor garden.

If nothing else, reading up on all the realtime dev news should help us all become better developers!


Good luck Josh!

BTW: I’ll be hard for you to get rid of me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quite the opposite intention, I want you to feel ok posting more about GraphQL, etc :smile:

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Does this mean I’ll have to headline my future post as “Make sure you are wearing a diaper before opening this link (if you are a Meteor developer)”?

Edit: hit the first reply button I saw, didn’t mean to tag ya :smile:

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Nah, you can still use all your normal flamebait titles :wink:

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The landscape is shifting quite rapidly that it would be foolish to pidgin hole Crater. Interesting and exciting times ahead!

Btw, I’m also looking forward to reading more GraphQL posts by @arunoda. :slight_smile:

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